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Back to Back Channel

Hot Dipped Galvanized Back to Back Channel
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Genuine Unistrut 41x82 Slotted Hot Dip Galvanised Channel 6m

  • Unistrut Hot Dipped Galvanized finished channels, cable tray and cable ladder, in addition to galvanizing to BS EN ISO 1641, receive additional protection in the form of a clear passivation coating.
  • Unistrut channel is a support system manufactured from steel, which is also referred to as Strut, is available in Plain Oil, Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG), Pre Galvanised and Stainless Steel
  • All single Unistrut members are accurately and carefully rolled from mild steel. All multiple members are two or more single Unistrut members spot welded on
  • Unistrut 10 year guarantee
  • Cutting and Powder Coating Service Available

Tags: P1001TH: Unistrut: Unistrut: 41x82: Slotted: Hot: Dip: Galvanised: Channel: 6m Genuine: Unistrut: 41x82: Slotted: Hot: Dip: Galvanised: Channel: 6m Unistrut: Hot: Dipped: Galvanized: finished: channels,: cable: tray: cable: ladder,: in: addition: to: galvanizing: to: BS: EN: ISO: 1641,: receive: additional: protection: in: the: form: of: a: clear: passivation: coating.: Unistrut: channel: is: a: support: system: manufactured: from: steel,: which: is: also: referred: to: as: Strut,: is: available: in: Plain: Oil,: Hot: Dipped: Galvanised: (HDG),: Pre: Galvanised: Stainless: Steel All: single: Unistrut: members: are: accurately: carefully: rolled: from: mild: steel.: All: multiple: members: are: two: or: more: single: Unistrut: members: spot: welded: on: Unistrut: 10: year: guarantee: Cutting: Powder: Coating: Service: Available

Warranty: 10 Years

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