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Straight Cable Tray

Cable tray systems are integral to the support of insulated electric cables, in particular those used for power distribution and communication. Offering an advantageous alternative to exposed wiring and electrical conduit, these trays are excellent, efficient and economical cable management solutions used widely throughout the commercial and industrial construction sectors. Our straight cable trays provide a great choice for light duty cable management removing the requirement for conduit or ladder. Their perforated pattern design makes it easy for professionals of all niches and abilities to successfully attach cables and harness a good level of ventilation in the same breath. The straight cable trays stocked here at DP Building Systems have been designed and developed by Unistrut, an esteemed supplier who has been servicing the mechanical, electrical and industrial markets for more than 80 years with its extensive range of cable management products and metal framing systems. In addition to delivering top quality straight cable trays for your upcoming cable management project, our in-house cutting facilities – available at our Birmingham and London warehouses – ensure you can enjoy our high performance channels, trays and rods cut to a size that suits you, no matter what quantity you require. Take a closer look at our straight cable tray range below for further information. Available in 3m lengths as standard.
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TUMLT050/10PG Sale
3.16 £3.16
Unistrut Medium Duty Cable Tray 50MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUMLT050/10PG)

Out of stock

TUMLT075/10PG Sale
3.64 £3.64
Unistrut Medium Duty Cable Tray 75MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUMLT075/10PG)
TUMLT100/10PG Sale
4.11 £4.11
Unistrut Medium Duty Cable Tray 100MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUMLT100/10PG)
TUMLT150/10PG Sale
4.91 £4.91
Unistrut Medium Duty Cable Tray 150MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUMLT150/10PG)
TUMLT225/10PG Sale
6.48 £6.48
Unistrut Medium Duty Cable Tray 225MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUMLT225/10PG)
TUMLT300/15PG Sale
11.24 £11.24
Unistrut Medium Duty Cable Tray 300MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUMLT300/15PG)
4.62 £4.62
Unistrut Cable Tray Heavy Duty 75MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUHLT075/10PG)
5.1 £5.10
Unistrut Cable Tray Heavy Duty 100MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUHLT100/10PG)
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