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Case Study: Zip Clip & The 2012 Olympics Aquatic Centre

Friday, 5 June 2015 14:11:32 Europe/London


Zip Clip Y-it


2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre


Products Used: Y-It
Project: 2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre
Location: Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Capacity: 17500
Construction cost: £269 Million

Zip-Clip were asked to provide a bespoke suspension system that could be used to support cable management from a steel structure. To add to this the support needed to offer corrosive resistance due to the chlorinated atmosphere.

Marcoe Electrical based in Welwyn Garden City, UK carried out the installation of the primary and secondary containment and commissioned Zip-Clip with the suspension.

Application: Cable management – basket and tray (up to 600mm wide)

Ceiling Type: Existing steel work INSTALLATION DIFFICULTIES: Chlorinated atmosphere. Must be aesthetically pleasing.


zip clip y-it


Zip-Clip incorporated AISI316 marine grade stainless steel wire rope as a minimum requirement for each support.

The Y-It with carabiners system was used as a method of supporting the containment. This utilised carabiners to directly attach to the services. In doing so this negated the use of uni-strut and the installation more aesthetically pleasing.

Due to the materials used to produce the locking devices, engineers were able to use the KL100 device in a chlorinated environment.

Each KL100 was used in conjunction with an M8 A4 eye bolt to achieve a fix from existing steel work.

This system allowed for faster installation time, less materials and ease of cable loading.

“Cable management appeared to be floating in mid air”


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