Q. What is the Span between supports of the Cable Management products?

A. The wider the span the less loading capacity.

Q. What is the cables type to be carried?

A. Armoured power cables, Multi-core power cables, Low voltage power cables, Multi-core control cables, Control cables, Data cables

Q. How many cables need to be carried?

A. The more cables required the higher the load, and larger the area required on the cable management product.

Q. Does there have to be a percentage spare capacity for future use?

A. Spare capacity may require to increase load capacity and also carrying area of the cable management product.

Q. Do you have to comply with specifications, i.e. specific limits on the use of a particular type of cable management?

A. Cable trunking and cable basket are more suited to lighter, less heavy duty cables - whereas cable ladder and cable tray is more suited to heavy duty cables.

Q. Where are the products be used indoors or outdoors?

A. Different finishes are used in different environments to ensure optimum performance based on interior or exterior use. There is a choice of Pre-Galvanised, Deep-Hot-Dip Galvanised, Hot-Dip-Galvanised, and Stainless Steel finishes dependant on the situation.

Q. What is the life expectancy of the application? i.e. Does the customer state a minimum expected life span or not?

A. Applications where the customer specifies a long life span engineering input to understand implications is advisable. Stainless steel provides the longest life expectancy, followed by Deep-Hot-Dip Galvanised, Hot-Dip Galvanised and Pre-Galvanised.


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