The data center is the heart that pumps lifeblood to the business, without it everything stops and if it encounters a problem or downtime, so does the business and the users. Business do not consider the ‘’veins’’ that carry the lifeblood around; the Cable Management and poor Cable Management,


As networking solutions become denser and port counts within a data centre increase, incorrect Cable Management can have disaster affect to both the running of the network but the financial impact to the business.


As demand on an IT infrastructure increases, both facilities and IT departments have ensure users have high availability, whilst minimizing cost and maximise efficiency.


Poor Cable Management means inefficient network;

  • Install takes long and more labour hours
  • Power hungry
  • Larger and costly carbon footprint
  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Scheduled downtime takes longer than planned
  • Poor user experience
  • Low system performance
  • Costly reduced infrastructure service life


Poor Cable Management has a direct impact to the operational costs of the business, the inefficiency of the cabling results in more power being drained and heat being produced; both in the cable containment and at the rack increasing the energy demand of the network and business. And due to the network running less efficiency, it has a direct affect on the lifespan of server, storage and networking devices connected.


Many data centres are faced with serious cooling inefficiencies due to poor Cabling and Cable Management, overloaded cabling can result in lack of ‘’airflow’’, resulting in the cabling and networking running hotter. Poor routing and containment of the cabling up to and in the cabinet can stop fans or result in fans running for longer lengths of time.


There have been too many examples of occasions where it is necessary to rip out large sections of cabling due to the fact it is hard to locate and repair damaged cabling (sometime due to the poor quality of the Cable Management Solution used) which costed the companies involved vast amounts of month and downtime. These faults may not have been stopped with good Cable Management, but it would have reduced the amount of cabling ripped out and downtime.


Downtime is inevitable in ever business; installation, upgrades and maintenance time but by using Unistrut Cable Management and structured cabling it reduces downtime and cost to the business.


Cable Management is simply understanding what devices are connect, but understanding and preventing equipment failures while improving; uptime, performance, bandwidth, speed and lifespan. To many business, Cable Management is an after-thought and the importance of Cable Management – Infrastructure Cable Management.


The importance of Infrastructure Cable Management

As data usage rises, IT Infrastructure / data centre uptime, space and efficiency have become premium factors for businesses and there users.


Unistruts Infrastructure Cable Management Solutions are designed to provide businesses and users with performance, uptime, scalability and return on investment while simultaneously decreasing your technology footprint and operating expenses


Unistrut have been involved in the planning, design and implementation of Data Centers so understand trends such as high diversity servers, converged infrastructures and high availability which result in an abundance of power and data cables within IT racks. The Cable Management deployment is focused on the importance of uptime, safety and cooling efficiency of a data center by the design of effective rack power and data cable management leads to a more


Unistrut Cable Management Solution is important for a robust, flexible, structured cabling system.

Unistrut Infrastructure Cable Management Solutions, which include Wire Basket, Cable Ladder, Trunking, Cable Tray, raceways and Channel make structured cabling installation more organized and visually attractive; they also save time and money when servicing and upgrading.


A good Cable Management Solution is important for a robust, flexible, structured system. Cable Management elements such as wire basket, ladder and tray makes the structured cabling installation more organised, save time and money when upgrading hardware within the network. Even the latest IT networking hardware is only as good as the cabling and Cable Management that supports it. A well designed Cable Management Solution will reduce overall infrastructure costs and ensure it runs to the optimal level.