A Cable Management Solution is the most important element within an IT infrastructure as it is the backbone to the biggest IT investment that a company makes, the network which needs to support the growth and increase demand over a long period of time. Selecting the right Cable Management vendor can have tangible impact on a number of data center issues; network performance, speed the network, downtime, power consumption and growth.


Cable Management is the installation and safe secure containment of power, data and communication cabling from the cabinet and rack around the infrastructure of a business.


Cable Management is important, better organization of the Cable Infrastructure means easier access, greater knowledge of what cables are deployed, what is connected to the cables which consists of all the IT hardware components that make up the IT architecture; servers, networking, storage, computers, telecommunications equipment and supporting software all of which are mission critical to the uptime of the network.


The high performance of an infrastructure is essential to every business, one of the largest investments a business makes is the infrastructure but too many business do not consider the negative impact to the network with poorly designed or installed Cable Management Solution.


As networking solutions become denser and port counts within an infrastructure increase, incorrect Cable Management can have disaster affect to the performance of the network and downtime which will also affect sustaining high availability, maximise efficiency and minimise costs.


An IT and Facilities Manager are required to ensure maximize uptime and performance, meeting the growing demand of their users but closely manage the cost; effective management of energy efficiency which is not a common problem, but is a problem which can be made easier if at design stage Cable Management is considered.


Initial investment into high quality cabling and Cable Management Solution can prevent slow networking performances and provide the business with more reliable backbone which the infrastructure can run.


One problem IT managers face is potential EMI or crosstalk when both data and power cables are within the same containment system, but a well-designed Unistrut Cable Management Solution, reduces signal interference as the solution has improper placement of data and power cables.


Human error is risk in all infrastructures, accidently unplugging a critical server or networking device, a good Cable Management can help de-risk this as cabling is correctly marked making it easier to understand what to unplug or not to unplug to make changes, upgrades, troubleshoot and manage devices.


A well designed and properly installed structured cabling network and cable management solution will help resolve;-

  • Signal interference and crosstalk
  • Reduce heating issues
  • Extend the service life of the IT infrastructure
  • Speed of data which passes through the network
  • Power consumption and even carbon footprint
  • Impact on availability due to downtime
  • Reliability of the network
  • Poor user experience


Unistrut Cable Management Solution is critical to the reliability and performance, but will pay dividends in the long run, it will reduce overall infrastructure costs and ensure that your entire IT network functions optimally.


Data centers and infrastructures are complex, deploying good Cable Management from solution provider Unistrut will reduce the complexity and help address key objectives; efficiency, optimizing uptime, utilizing resources, optimizing space and guaranteed performance