The ability to retrofit products that will work alongside existing applications is a big industry requirement and an attribute that Unistrut builds into its entire range...


Unistrut has been manufacturing the metal framing products that it’s know for since 1924. Using more than 90 years experience and product development the company has created a range of steel cable management products that include cable ladders, cable trays and, most recently, cable baskets and steel cable trunking.

These products make Unistrut one of the leading suppliers of steel cable management in the market, enabling the company to provide a complete, fit-for-purpose solution to its customers. The company’s engineering team provides complete support throughout the design and build phase - maximising performance and minimising costs.

By examining the needs of the steel cable management portfolio in different market sectors Unistrut as noted that environmental requirements and ease of installation are high on the list of customer requirements. Also important is a wide selection or capability to enable users to more easily accommodate the products into their existing applications.

Total design life

In the modern industrial market, it has never been more important for projects to be designed with ‘total design life criteria’, including the need for cable management and support bracketry installations to meet much longer system design life periods.

Galvanising is the most widely used form of corrosion resistance and is chosen because it offers a proven and cost effective solution for longer resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Galvanising depth is limited by the thickness and makeup of the base material and the rate of corrosion can be predicted fairly accurately, which means that as the design life period increases, so too must the thickness of galvanising.

Unistrut produces both pre-galvanised and post-galvanised materials. Pre-galvanised is designed for interior applications and involves the base material being treated, the post option is for exterior use and is given a galvanised finish to a greater depth that’s applied after manufacture. For the most extreme conditions, stainless steel products are available that give extended lifecycles in highly corrosive areas - such as salty or chemical atmospheres.

To understand the best finish for your application and environment, an early consultation with Unistrut engineers will help to advise the ideal finish specification and best practice installation guidelines.

Pride in its appearance

Engineering excellence is at Unistrut’s core; it prides itself on the quality of its products as much today as when it started trading. By only using quality steels backed by certification and having all its products test to the relevant BS standard, the company has the confidence in its total metal framing systems performance to offer it with a 10 year warranty.

Unistrut understands that the provenance of its materials is important and with this in mind the company stamps a QBN code on all of its products. The unique code enables traceability of the steel origin back to the manufacturer and production batch, giving customers the confidence that they will get the expected performance from every single component.

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