Obo Bettermann have recently released their new magic basket tray with the patented connection system, GR-Magic. See exactly how it works in the video below:

The magic wire mesh cable tray stems gives you speed, versatility, reliability and choice without the need for screen connectors or special tools, which are a requirement when connecting traditional basket tray.

The light mesh cable trays are characterized by high load capacity and excellent ventilation properties. They stand for quick and easy installation and are more often used in false ceilings and particularly for light cable installation. The GR-Magic with shaped connector ensures extremely short installation time and has the following benefits:

- Fast and simple fitting systems

- Saves time and money

- No need for screw connectors (for lengths only)

To find out more about Obo Bettermann’s new Magic Basket Tray and all the technical specifications please visit our dedicated page.

You can order online here, or over the phone by calling one of our specialised team on 0121 706 7777.