Two of Britains largest airports Heathrow and Gatwick have undergone expansion in recent years in response to a need for increased capacity. As a result Heathrow has invested in the brand new construction of Terminal 5 and Gatwick have made expansions to their terminal facilities also.


For many years DP Building Systems have been supplying a variety of Unistrut channel and associated fittings and fixings to number of ceiling contractors who have installed Unistrut grids in Terminals at both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

Unistrut channel is the most widely used brand in the industry for large scale ceiling grids such as those used in terminals at Heathrow and Gatwick. The Unistrut channel has a particularly long lease of life and is made of a very high quality steel, this is why at DP we only sell genuine Unistrut and do not stock any ‘compatible Unistrut’. The strain on the channel can be particularly high, supporting mechanical and electrical services but also ceiling panels and signage.

Our technical team have over 60 years experience in supplying Unistrut channel and all associated fittings and fixings for a variety of builds - from large scale commercial and industrial down to individual bespoke projects - so please feel free to give them a call any time to discuss your project and needs in greater detail.

To take a look at our online range of Unistrut channel here.